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Marit Vikström
18 April 1989
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Hey there!

My name is Marit, and this is my sketch journal. I draw fuzzy things.

This is me. Scary, huh?

All entries in this journal are public.

I have a personal journal under the name kavsie, although I don't really plan to use it anymore. Chances are any updates I post will be to this journal from now on, albeit mainly artwork related as opposed to personal.

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1970s, 9, african pygmy hedgehogs, allemansrätten, animal skulls, animals, aquariums, arizona, art, autumn, badminton, bandannas, barn owls, bells, border collies, borzoi, budgies, camping, canada, candles, cat headbutts, character design, chronic pain, cold weather, collies, costuming, creativity, cuddling, danmark, disability rights, dogs, don bluth, don't panic, dorkiness, drawing, dysautonomia, fainting goats, ferret kisses, ferrets, flat-coated retrievers, fog, foggy mornings, forests, futuristic worlds, fuzzies, georgia o'keeffe, german shepherds, goats, golden retrievers, gothic architecture, göteborg, halloween, hedgies, hippies, history, ikea, ink, intelligence, invisible disabilities, invisible illnesses, irish wolfhounds, japanese folklore, jōmon period, kent, kindness, lanterns, las vegas, lava lamps, lgbt rights, life, love, m.c. escher, mameshiba, marijuana reform, marine biology, meditation, mitral valve prolapse, mudis, museums, music, mustelids, my neighbor totoro, nature, nevada, norge, north carolina, nostalgia, nurse and patient advocacy, odd things, old things, pacific northwest, pain management, pain management through meditation, painting, peace, personal responsibility, photoshop, pine martens, plaid pants, pokémon, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, psychology, rain, salvador dali, scandinavia, scottish folds, service dogs, shoji lamps, sign language, sketching, sketching by candlelight, snow, snowboarding, socks, solitude, stained glass, steampunk, stingrays, stockholm, stray dogs, sumi-e, surrealism, sverige, sweden, swimming, swiss cow bells, talkative cats, taxidermy, thai fisherman pants, the pants were dead, theatre, thylacines, tomboys, tornadoes, ukiyo-e, victorian era, watercolors, winter, wolves, yayoi period, yōkai, ōkami, ಠ_ಠ